So this is what it feels like. (Also known as a boost of dopamine).

“A Happiness key: Maintain something to be enthusiastic about. Small/frequent goals = Dopamine hits that propel success.” -- Steve Maraboli I challenged myself today to pick up markers and draw something. After seeing Julie Fei-Fan Balzer working her 100 Day Face Challenge, I figured I might try drawing a face. Here it is. Face #1.  Not … Continue reading So this is what it feels like. (Also known as a boost of dopamine).


Say “Hello” to this Beautiful Journey

"Bleeding hearts look like little lanterns of love." The bleeding hearts are open and glowing like friendly pink beacons in the garden shade. They welcome you with their two little pink arms, either held out to the sides saying "Hey there!" or out in front of them, whispering, "Come in. Come in." I see from … Continue reading Say “Hello” to this Beautiful Journey


"Others imply that they know what it is like to be depressed because they have gone through a divorce, lost a job, or broken up with someone. But these experiences carry with them feelings. Depression, instead, is flat, hollow, and are irritable and paranoid and humorless and lifeless and critical and demanding and no … Continue reading Blindsided


"That's the funny thing about trying to escape. You never really can. Maybe temporarily, but not completely." -- Jennifer L. Armentrout The warm weather has provided a mental escape from stuff that "nags" at me. And I'm forever grateful. Some of my things that "nag" are: Laundry Paperwork Organization Meal planning Continuation of downsizing Aspirational projects Housekeeping More … Continue reading Escape


"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." -- Margaret Atwood Technically, shouldn’t we smell like dirt as many days out of the year as we can? Putting our hands in the dirt, working the soil, toiling in the garden- whether flower or vegetable- is incredibly therapeutic. It’s proven … Continue reading Dirt