The Bipolar Spirit

The Bipolar Spirit is the fire within us to make a difference. It’s the drive inside us to keep going, even when we feel defeated. This spirit — our spirit — is the determination to live a healthier life. It’s the love we have for the gift of life, and the appreciation for what we’ve been given.

Our spirit is the connection we have with others, and the ability to open ourselves up and be vulnerable. It’s the comfort we provide to others in need, and the support we give to those that have fallen.

Our spirit is contagious. It not only helps us to continually fight each day to thrive, strive, and live, but it’s an inspiration to others that need hope and encouragement.

Our spirit is our creativity, our generosity, and our positivity. It’s being genuine and truthful.

Our spirit is giving nothing less than our best to others and to ourselves.

This is the Bipolar Spirit. Have you cherished your spirit today?