Making It

The anxiety. The anxiety. The anxiety. The anxiety.

I’m not going to lie. It’s hard. It gets to me almost like clockwork anymore. I chart my moods and it’s almost the same days on a cycle. At least I can anticipate when it’s coming.

I wish I had some uplifting news for today. I wish I had some “go get ’em” quote, or mantra, or uplifting “meme of the day”. But I don’t.

I’m just trying to get by. I’m taking today hour by hour.  The only consolation I have with this is that I’m certain there are many other people with Bipolar who have the same kind of days. Where they are focusing so hard on making it. Literally making it through the day.

For those of you out there that have days where you are simply trying to make it, I’m with you. I hear you. I get it.

Perhaps most days we are just getting by.

I may be struggling today, but I do know in my heart tomorrow will be different, and better. I hold tight to that like it’s my lifeline. Therein lies my hope. Perhaps that could be the “something” I do right today — pass along some hope to everyone else who has their struggles of getting by.

There is hope, folks. There is always hope.

May we all have a peaceful and hope filled day.



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