Ten Things

“Try something NEW.”

If ever there was a day to try something different, why not today? Why wait? We may have Bipolar disorder, but that doesn’t limit us in trying something new.

Here are ten simple things to try that can make a difference in your day. If you like them, try them again, and see if they make an even bigger impression in your life.

  1. Write yourself a positive note. Stick it on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Perhaps something like: “Today is a brand new day. Celebrate it!” Or: “Go Me!”
  2. Put sweet cherries in your pancakes the next time you make pancakes. Have you ever tried that? Add some bananas, too. Super yummy.
  3. Go for a walk and learn the name of a new tree. Don’t use your phone. Use a field guide.
  4. Speaking of phones, put your phone away for the day. Yes, I said it. The whole day. Take in the world and enjoy it.
  5. Pick some flowers or buy a cheap bunch from the store and put them in a vase on your table. Have a meal enjoying your flowers.
  6. Draw a picture. If you don’t own any fancy art supplies, use a piece of junk mail and a ball point pen. Five minutes, draw a stick figure, and put it up where you can smile at it and say: “Hey. I drew that!”
  7. Change the scent of your deodorant next time you need to buy some. Sure, we all have our favorite, but the change up will perk up your nose and make you more aware of something different and new.
  8. Find your best pair of underwear and actually wear it. Don’t we all have a special pair in the back of the drawer that we forgot about? What are you saving it for? Wear it now and feel handsome/pretty!
  9. Mail someone a note. Yes, this is a tad time consuming, because you actually have to locate some paper, an envelope and a stamp. But just try it, and make someone else’s day brighter. Pay them a complement, tell them you love them; all that good stuff.
  10. Before bedtime, light a candle, (make sure you pay attention to the scent–always a good thing), and say thank you for life. We are blessed to be on this planet more than we realize. Be grateful.

Have a wonderful day!