Some Days You Just Don’t Have It.

“‘Blah,’ said Toad.” — Arnold Lobel

Some days I just don’t have it, folks. And today is one of those days. I’m certain you get that way too, right?

It’s not that I’m not thinking clearly, or that I’m fatigued; it’s more that I just don’t care. Sure, I have things that need to be done, and a few aspirational projects in the wings. But today is cloudy and cold, and frankly, my sweatpants are my uniform today. I’ve fiddled a bit here, doddled a bit there, but no real, earth-shattering anything is happening here.

And guess what? That’s perfectly OK. Because, if I’m lucky enough to wake up still breathing after a marginal sleep tonight, I’ll get another chance to do it again tomorrow.

Amen to that.



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