Is Your Window Designed to Kill You?

I like this post so much I’m re-blogging it. It’s the same in America.
Bigger homes, less windows, less green space. And total frustration.


It is finally here, the post everyone has been waiting for. I am going to talk about window sizes – In the UK. I know us, in the mental health community have been waiting to read about this for years, especially those of you outside of the UK.

Well the wait is over.

Windows serve us greatly and they are often taken for granted. They bring in sunlight – or a deep glow orange street lamp, if you live in my childhood home. But sunlight brings with it a vitamin. Vitamin D*. We need this for many things. And our bodies love it, craves it in fact. Other things which are affected by sunlight are the chemicals Melatonin and Serotonin, these things are actually affected purely through the Sun’s impact on the eyes. All of these things are linked with depression.

Sunlight and depression actually have a very close relationship.

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