Don’t do, just be.

It’s been a rough week. Still getting over a virus that’s just been hanging on, and it certainly has affected my productivity.

So, I’m reminding myself, and all of us, yet again, about self care.

Try not to feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Easier said than done, right? Especially if you are surrounded by people who never take a day off work, rarely get sick, and frown upon those of us that do need time to recover from whatever has us fatigued and half-present. But don’t feel guilty. Instead, be thankful that you have come far enough to know when to slow down. Be grateful that you know your body and mind well enough to take a break, take a day off, take a nap, take a much needed rest, and nurture what needs to be nurtured. Give yourself a bit of praise for being smart enough to take care of you.

Remember your “go to’s” that offer you comfort, relaxation, warmth, and reassurance. Dress comfortably. Drink warm beverages. Snuggle with blankets, and a dog or cat if you own one. Use a heating pad. Put on quiet music, or sit in silence. Don’t do (if you don’t have to), just be.

Today I will find time to take a brief nap. I will make sure I dress warmly. I will drink hot water or tea. I will leave the laundry for tomorrow yet again, and the dogs will have to forgive me for not taking them for a walk. Because finally, I know me. I know my energy levels. I know what works and what doesn’t. The laundry will eventually get done, and my dogs love me even if all we do is curl up for a while. Somehow, I think they know they are helping me to recover and heal.

May today find you well. And if by chance you are having a down day, may you have time to care of yourself.