Merriment Monday


It’s Monday, folks. For most of us, this is the roughest day of the week. Getting back into “work mode” or “school mode” after the weekend can be a struggle, especially if your weekend involved a lot of activity and little rest. Do yourself a favor. Take it easy. Take it one step at a time. Take it with a bit of merriment.

Merriment (noun): Cheerful or joyful gaiety; hilarity; laughter.

Mondays will throw all kinds of stuff in our face. Challenges, stress, worry, fatigue…but with a little work, we can do better with our Mondays. Enter merriment. Perhaps we can re-frame how we think of the things we run up against. Perhaps we can find the little joys in our Mondays (and truthfully, every day).

As people with Bipolar, we are challenged a bit more than the average person to keep a positive attitude. We have a lot of extra work to do, and that work includes managing ourselves. But choosing merriment isn’t as daunting as it seems. And merriment gets easier the more you use it. A cheerful gaiety doesn’t require that we run five flights of stairs. It just asks that we tweak our view on our immediate circumstances. Laughter doesn’t ask that we let it come about inappropriately. It just wants to be more a part of our daily lives, to warm our souls, to ease our burdens, to rub off on others. Joy doesn’t expect to be our mood state in every second of our day, but it certainly would like to be a more frequent visitor than not.

We can’t always predict what our mood will be, but many days, we do have the power to change our view, even just a little bit. Take a quick second to ask yourself a few questions about the troubling stuff. Should I really stress about it? Is it worth getting upset over it? Is it worth my time to even ruminate over it? Remember, we can give away so much of our power and energy to the negative. Instead, let’s remind ourselves to try to do something healthier. Let’s take better care of our thinking. Let’s give our energy to the positive. Joy, laughter, cheer: Merriment.